Dear Little One, The Longest Night Shall Pass

Winter has drawn it’s thick veil around us. How wonderful to be here all snug with the fire lit. It’s the time for story telling by candlelight and big mugs of steaming hot chocolate.

Once again, there’s something I’d like to tell you about this time of year, the longest night shall pass.

“In the depths of winter I finally found in me there was an invincible summer” ~ Albert Camus.

And the Sun rises. From here on the days will start to lengthen and the nights will shorten. This is the Winter Solstice – the shortest day and the longest night of the year. You may have noticed people all huddled and wrapped up rushing here and there getting ready for Christmas. When really this time year is all about slowing down and hibernating. Why all the rushing?

Are you aware that the people you love appear more stressed and a little frazzled. They may be frowning more, that’s a sure sign they’re feeling a little over run. Is there any way you can help? I know you’re only little, but it’s always in the little things – they make the big things happen! And you have the most beautiful way of seeing the world. Now is a great time to start new, positive habits and routines. You see, often adults get caught up in the “should’s” and all they feel they are expected to do, maybe following traditions that no longer serve them. Even though we are grown up we rarely give ourselves permission to stop. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder to take a slower pace and to try something new.

Alternatives to rushing:

Have a moment to sit and think about all you hope for the coming year. The short days are often filled “real and fast”. What will you aspire to achieve? Now is a grand time to plant seeds – how will you make them grow? How will you accomplish all you set out to do and be? What would that look like? Have heart that all your intentions will serve you as you grow and change through this life. Whatever you hold in your heart and commit to will grow.

Spending time with family away from technology might help you really feel into the spirit of this time of year. Lighting candles or even turning on the festive lights together can be a lovely reminder that even on the darkest, longest nights  and the darkest most difficult times  – there is Always Light. Making wreaths of evergreen can help us see that even in the deepest midwinter there is Life Everlasting, Evergreen. 

Do you want to know something even more special about this particular winter solstice 2018? It is also a full moon! So the darkest longest night this year will be bathed in the silvery glow of Grandmother Moon and she will share all her wisdom for the coming year with us on this night. We just need to be still and listen. 

Hold your loved ones close little one, give thanks and see the good in all our traditions and rituals. There is so much to be thankful for.

And The Wheel Turns.

Blessed Be




One thought on “Dear Little One, The Longest Night Shall Pass

  1. Cathy

    Thank you Sarah, it’s really good to be reminded about all the things that bring light and happiness when it is dark. I shall smile at the moon and welcome the sun and keep snug in the darkness. Xx

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