Herbal Medicine

My First Love….

Herbal Medicine is the oldest form of medicine and is used widely today as a safe and effective natural medicine. It works with the body’s natural healing abilities to regain balance and restore vitality and overall function.

Remedies are made from whole plant extracts, specific to the individual patient’s needs. Whether you seek help with:

  • Chronic conditions e.g. IBS, eczema or mild depression
  • Acute conditions e.g. colds, debilitated immune system
  • Menstrual Cycle, Fertility and Menopause.
  • Supporting the health and wellbeing of the whole family,

herbal medicine rarely causes side effects, offers a person centred approach and all treatment plans are bespoke.

Your Initial Consultation (60 minutes) ~ £80

In your first consultation we will spend up to 60 minutes together, during this time we will discuss your case history, which you will have filled out in part in your pre-consultation form. We will also have an in depth discussion regarding your presenting complaints. In addition, your overall state of health and wellbeing, previous medical history, current medication, diet, lifestyle and social and emotional aspects of your life will be explored. Your blood pressure and pulse may be taken and other diagnostic procedures may be included if relevant. Some time will be spent towards the end of your consultation discussing the proposed prescription to ensure you understand and agree with the direction it will take. I will then make your medicine and you can take it away with you on the day.

Your Follow up Consultation (30 minutes) ~ £50

Your first follow up consultation will take place 3 weeks after you receive your prescription, subsequent consultations will occur every 3-4 weeks, occurring less frequently as more progress is made. The prescription may be altered in this time to ensure it is still specific and of greatest benefit to you.

Herbal Medicines are usually prescribed in the form of a tincture. Which starts from £10/week of medicine which works out at £40/month . If you require your medicine to be posted to you there is a £5 postage and packaging fee and any repeat prescriptions dispensed without a consultation will incur an additional £10 dispensing fee.

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Herbal Medicine for women’s health and fertility

Women of the Earth, life is demanding, you feel pulled and pushed and sometimes, you feel overwhelmed with responsibility and expectation and its hard to find time and space to just breathe. Here, let us sit a while and drink tea. You’re a human being not a human doing. There is time and space here for you through your Maiden years, your Mother years and your Wise Crone years. I can support you.

  • Young women, as you move towards menarche
  • With your menstrual cycle and any irregularities you may be experiencing
  • Gynaecological and Endocrine disorders
  • Fertility and your journey
  • Pregnancy, through every trimester, working with you
    as you grow and change
  • Post-natal support for you and your family
  • Menopause, a new age, as you reinvent yourself with
    all of your wisdom behind you.

What I ask of you:

In order for you to feel empowered, there are a few things you will need to bring with you

  • An open mind: to try new things, new perspectives, new ways of thinking
  • Determination: you have to want to make a change
  • Patience: Herbal Medicine is no quick fix.

We will look at:

  • You – your life so far, how it is that you are here
  • Lifestyle – how you move through each day
  • Outlook – how you view life, your community, all that is around you
  • Diet – the food you eat communicates to every cell in your body – what is your food saying to you?
  • Imbalance – how the symptoms you experience affect you and how they make you feel.

Wondering? or Wandering?

Ask me, talk to me, I am here, I am present.

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