Un-inspired Inspiration

I like words, I love picking them apart and finding the deeper meaning, questioning sayings and expressions, making puns and making those around me groan because of said puns! So here is a blog about being inspired to write when I am totally uninspired!!! I remembered a time at university when we had to write a reflective journal every week

Me: “But I have nothing to reflect about!!!!!”

Tutor: “So reflect on that, reflect on not knowing what to reflect on!”

I guess a lot of the uninspired feelings recently have come from high levels of stress and anxiety dampening down my imagination and my intuition. It’s been a tough couple of months full of uncertainty and worry but I’m very pleased to say I am coming out the other side of it! It has all been within my personal life and so I have had to really consolidate the work side of things to allow balance. Now comes much nourishment, organisation and efficiency and more just – being, from these moments of pause, I often find I am able to articulate my feelings emotions and ideas into blogs, poems, affirmations and meditations. So here I am, I am back.

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